Nursing Certificate of Mary Livingston

Nursing Certificate of Mary Livingston

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Mary Livingston Collection


Paper, Leather


This nursing certificate, issued on 1 August 1912, certifies that Mary Livingston successfully completed four years of nursing training at the Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital in Croydon. The certificate is bound in leather-bound cardboard, preserving its historical authenticity and significance.

Physical description

Leather bound cardboard

Statement of significance

The Nursing Certificate of Mary Livingston from the Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital represents an important piece of early 20th-century medical history. Issued in 1912, it highlights the rigorous training and dedication required of nurses over a century ago. This certificate is not only a testament to Mary Livingston’s personal achievement but also reflects the evolving standards and practices in nursing education at the time. As a preserved artifact, it offers valuable insights into the history of healthcare and the role of women in the medical profession, marking a significant milestone in the journey of nursing as a respected and essential field.



Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital – Croydon



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